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Sport For SmileSport For Smile


Sport For Smile provides beneficial tools for your business, for example in the following ways;

Example 1) Diversity Training for Your Employees at SFS Square

For example, in a blind soccer game, high level communication skills are required in telling where the ball is and how it should be kicked. It is easy for yourself to kick, but it may be harder to have someone with visual impediment to do so. You are required to devise ways of communicating effectively and you will be able to say at the end “Steps ahead and right” while you did not think of other words than “Go ahead.” You can also learn what kind of information will be needed in visually impedimental situations through the experience of playing blindfold. How about developing your business communication skills on the pitch?

Example 2) Appeal Your Company’s Activities Globally at SFS Forum

SFS Forum is one of the best opportunities to appeal your company’s social contribution activities through sport by making a speech at the same stage as recognized global figures'. SFS Forum will also provids yuor company with other various benefits.

Example 3) Enhance Your Business Network at SFS Awards & Gala

Various recognized organizations belong to the community of social contribution through sport, and SFS Awards & Gala is a suite-and-tie dinner with awards ceremony possibly with global VVIPs. What about utilizing this prestigious event as an opportunity to network as well as to be better prepared for global negotiations?

Example 4) Make the Most of the benefits of SFS Club

SFS Club provides various privileges for your company’s best performance. For example, Gold Corporate members will be provided with gold seats at SFS Conference as well as with gold tables at SFS Awards & Gala (the number of participants are designated).

*SFS Club will be fully implemented after 2012

Example 5) Support Community in Cooperation with NPOs

Keep your local communities healthy is critical for corporations. Investment in community has been increasing recognized as significant, as a CSR activity, or a branding strategy. SFS can serve as a platform to connect corporations and communities through a familiar and fun tool of sport, and provides customized programs so they can accord with the mission of each corporation.