Sport For Smile - Uniting People, Bettering the World.

Sport For SmileSport For Smile


Sport For Smile serves as a platform to support NPO activities that are important for society.

Example 1) Join SFS Square to promote social participation through sport

SFS Square is a place where everyone can become a hero. It provides various “fun” accesses to the NPOs and organizations that aims to promote social participation. The carefully created special rules allow all people enjoy sports including the physically and mentally challenged. Have fun to play sports with various people.

Example 2) Learn and Exchange Opinions with Global Leaders at SFS Forum

SFS Conference is one of the best opportunities to appeal your organizations’ activities at the same stage as global leaders’. Their success stories may be of significant help to solving your daily issues. There will be some session meetings on specific topics.

Example 3) Enhance Your Network at SFS Awards & Gala

Various recognized organizations belong to the community of social contribution through sport, and SFS Awards & Gala is a suite-and-tie dinner with awards ceremony possibly with global VVIPs. What about utilizing this prestigious event as an opportunity to network as well as to be better prepared for global negotiations?

Example 4) Make the Most of the benefits of SFS Club

SFS Club provides various privileges for your organization’s best performance. For example, Gold NPO members will be provided with gold seats at SFS Conference as well as with gold tables at SFS Awards & Gala (the number of participants are designated).

*SFS Club will be fully implemented after 2012

Example 5) Register SFS Grid and reach out to global

Free registration in SFS Grid will help your organization to appeal your activities globally as well as to fundraise and provide effective channel to collaborate with corporations.

*Registration requires screening and translation costs a fee.