Sport For Smile - Uniting People, Bettering the World.

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Exciting and Informative Sessions by Athletes and NPO/Corporate leaders and World Café by Participants

Interested in the power of sport to better society, but don’t know what is the first step?

Here is Sport For Smile Café (SFS Café) to provide opportunities for beginners to meet kindred spirit.

Think Globally, Act Locally

Social Contribution utilizing the power of sport beings with SFS Café!!

Even those who are not sports funs or not really good at sports, SFS Café will serve as a fun opportunity to find and learn about the power of sport that is familiar and obvious and to meet people with various backgrounds and values.

In addition to general talks, the topics of SFS Café will be arranged so that can be appreciated by experts including corporate CSR personnel, Fundraising managers of NPOs as well as athletes and researchers. SFS Café aims to help participants to take a next step in their daily lives.

Upcoming Events

Sport For Smile Café Overview

  • Concept: Networking through Sports Social Contribution
  • Date: July 2011~ (every month)
  • Place: Tokyo and other cities in Japan
  • Format: Small Talk by Guest Speaker and World Cafe
  • Sponsor: Available

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