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The World’s First-Ever Global Database of Social Contribution Programs utilizing the power of sport –with functions of donation and volunteer application

Sport For Smile Grid (SFS Grid) is the world’s first-ever global database of social contribution programs utilizing the power of sport.

Previously it was necessarily for potential donors to check each NGO’s website to see what it delivers and to examine whether it deserves to receive the donation. SFS Grid provides potential donors with a list of their interest and sense of values which enables them to select most appropriate program in a very short time. SFS Grid is also equipped with interactive functions such as applying volunteer opportunities etc.

For example, if you would like to donate to a program that tackles on HIV prevention or if you would like to find a program that is active in South Africa, or even if you feel like to see if any programs are in operation that using your favorite sports, SFS will provides you with the comprehensive list of them. The list includes basic information on the program such as its mission, organizer, social issues to tackle on, approaches, sports that are used, country of operation etc. So efficient to reach out a program that you want to help!

*SFS Grid will be implemented in 2011.

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