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Sport For Smile Journal is Japan’s first ever media that features news and updates of social contribution through sport. For the time being Sport For Smile Journal will be delivered online basis with aim of transforming it into a magazine. It will be delivered in Japanese as well, so more Japanese can understand global situations, and it reports athletes and global programs that are active to tackle on various social issues by utilizing the power of sport.

In Sport For Smile Journal, you can find…

* Social contribution programs that famous and top-level athletes are working on
* Discussions of global sports world on the topic of the power of sport
* What are the remarkable practices in Japan

Sport For Smile Journal is not to provide the results of the games or “on-the-court” performance by athletes, but it specifically features the topic of the power of sport to effect society. “Smile Leaders” will report on the remarkable programs by athletes, NGOs and corporations, as well as their motivation and mind to get involved in their activities, by interviewing them directly.

Through the sport as a very familiar tool, you will also be able to learn about international affairs, environment,

Think Globally, Act Locally

Sport For Smile Journal aims to provide Japanese and the world with the news on what is happening in the globe from the perspective of the power of sport to better society in an effective way. Hopefully the information that Sport For Smile delivers will help you think about what you can do and take action.

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