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“Everyone Has the Rights to Sport”

Sports gives everyone the chance to be a hero. With carefully created rules and settings Sport For Smile Square will enable everyone to compete regardless of their disability or handicap as well as to build teamwork to achieve the goals. It can be used as a diversity training program.

In corporation with Embassies and International Organizations as well as corporations and NPOs, SFS Square provides opportunities to communicate and understand others with various backgrounds and different sense of values. As a pilot project for SFS Cup, SFS Square aims to realize “Social Inclusion by Sports.” – The Save and To-Be-Saved structure does not make sense at a sporting stage. There only exists the teamwork and sense of unity. Even a professional player can “be helped” by a blind soccer player in the game.

SFS Square provides the access to sport to not only children with less physical ability, but also to kids of orphanages, working students, foreign workers and homeless people.

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<Spotr For Smile Square Overview>
Concept: Everyone Has the Rights to Sport
Dates: September 2011 ~
Program: Sporting opportunities to play with high diversity.
Sports: Blind Soccer etc.

Sponsors: Available

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