Sport For Smile implements campaigns and projects using the power of sport based on social justice in order to address critical social issues that do not attract much attention to think about in our daily lives, on the occasions of mega sports events, UN memorial days and months.


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Peace One Day Campaign 2013

Peace One day was established in order to create a day of “no war, nowhere.” Sport For Smile selected three young leaders in Japan to provide them with the opportunity to interview global activists who have experience with promoting world peace. The interview report was submitted and shared on the website.

(Cooperation as Interviewees)

Patrick Gasser  (UEFA/Switzerland)
Oliver Percovic(Skateistan/ Afghanistan)
Colin Hames (Jerusalem Surburb Community Center/ Israel)

Dr. Martha Eddy (Moving For Life/ New York, USA)

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“Eleven” Book Translation Project – Japanese version – (ongoing)

“Eleven” is a book of stories of eleven kids in the world whose lives were changed by their experience with soccer and sports. It is published by Kick4Life whose camps were visited by David Beckham.

“Score the Goals” Comic Translation Project – Japanese version-

“Score the Goals” is the comic that was published by UNOSDP (United Nations Office on Sport for Development and Peace), to raise awareness of MDGs (Millennium Development Goals). Worldly recognized football players including Zidane and Drogba appear on the comic to teach soccer fans the points of the MDGs with offering their copy rights for free.


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