Sport For Smile Events


Sport For Smile MeetUp

Casual networking events where people interested in sport for social change will get together.

Sport For Smile Select (formerly SFS Lounge)

A talk seminar inviting single organization to introduce their activities with social issues behind . It is a series of relatively small scale seminar (30 – 50) and can comes with a panel with experts of related sectors.

Sport For Smile Forum (formerly SFS Lounge Special)

Half- or full-day conference on the topic of the power of sport with key notes by VIPs, including advisers of Sport For Smile and globally recognized speakers. It can be used as an opportunity to learn how to use the power of sport in different ways and for various purposes, and network with potential partners.

Sport For Future Seed Cafe

SFS Seed Cafe will be led by young people and students to provide the youth the opportunity to think about their own first small steps, while learning global best practices of their interest.

Sport For Future Smile

Sport For Future Smile will be held on the occasions of inviting VIPs or mega sports events for young leaders to get together to be encouraged to take actions. It is more likely held in workshop style to discuss the power of sport and how can it be effectively used, based on Community Organizing method basically.

Sport For Smile Square

SFS Square is a relatively small scale sporting events where participants can experience social inclusion through sport. It will be organized for and with people with disabilities, children at home, refugees in Japan, immigrants etc. Team work is most valued and respected to play together regardless of the background and kinds of abilities, and it can be utilized for corporate training programs as diversity education.

Sport For Smile Square Special

SFS Square Special will be organized on the occasion of mega sports events and special events of international organizations to learn social inclusion with fun and excitement. The first one was held in 2012 as an official side event of World Bank and IMF General Assembly in Tokyo and about 100 people, including the youth and senior citizens, embassy staff member and office workers, enjoyed Blind Soccer, Balloon Floor Hockey, and Volleyball.



Past Events

(Tokyo) Sport For Smile Select 2017  “Power of Sport in the 21st Century”

(Tokyo)  Sport For Smile Select 2015 “LGBT and Sport – allowing to be yourselves”

(Shonan) TOMODACHI US Japan Youth Exchange Program “SFS Square with Keio University”
(Tokyo) Sport For Smile Lounge Special 2014 “Changing the World using the Power of Soccer”
(Tokyo) Sport For Smile Square 3 “Hardest Sports – Child Labor Challenge”
(Tokyo) Sport For Future Smile in Tokyo 2014
(Tokyo) Sport For Smile Square 2 “Enjoy Sports on Wheels”
(Tokyo) Sport For Smile Seed Cafe 2 “Creating Future using the Power of Sport”

(Tokyo) Sport For Smile Lounge Special 2013
(Tokyo) Sport For Smile Seed Cafe 1
(Tokyo) Play Works Experience co-hosted by Ashoka Japan
(Tokyo) Sport For Smile MeetUp

(Tokyo) Sport For Smile Square Special 2012 (official side event of WB GA)
(London) Sport For Future Smile in London 2012
(Tokyo) Sport For Smile Square 1
(Tokyo) Sport For Smile Lounge 7
(Tokyo) Sport For Smile Lounge 6
(Tokyo) Sport For Smile Lounge 5

(Tokyo) Sport For Smile Lounge 4
(Tokyo) Sport For Smile Lounge 3
(Tokyo) Sport For Smile Lounge 2

(Tokyo) Sport For Smile Lounge 1

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